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The best of times

This Summer I asked Athena if she could start a website as I would like to find all solitaire board game news in one place. She agreed, if I joined. After some testing Solitaire Times went live on 19 August. In those 134 days we published 291 posts, so we're off to a good start. We even got ourselves some readers. Let's see what was popular with them in 2019.

[5] 12 Solo Games for Christmas

Athena's tips for board game presents to yourself

[4] VOPPed

A grumpy post on premature purchasing by our guest writer Maricel

[3] CMON don't know what they just sold

Genuine surprise over big company project management skills

[2] Return of the Leaders

Kickstarter announcement of the reprint of three DVG games

[1] Finally landed

First plays of D-Day Dice (second edition)

Best of the rest:

Retail news

Looks like everybody's looking forward to Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion and very curious what Inquisitor will be like. And we always get good views when there's something to complain about, like 15 cards you can't play with.

Kickstarter news

Our Kickstarter news section is the best read, so no surprise that the overview of 63 solo and soloable Kickstarter releases of 2020 was popular.

Just outside of the overall top-5 was a Kickstarter announcement In ancient times, when all women were top models - about Aeolis. We kept announcing the reprint for Apex Theropod and it may be one of the most anticipated Kickstarters for 2020 if they manage to get it live next year. Campaigns of 2019 that proved popular with our readers were Chronicles of Drunagor and 1565: St Elmo's Pay.

Even better read than announcements however, were musings like the one on the low standards of High Frontiers and more in-depth articles like So, what on earth is the Beyond the Monolith system?

Table Presence

We always put some session reports up as well. We don't really feel like doing reviews, but we like to share our experience.

  1. COIN in a torn pocket - The Coin Tribes' Revolt: Boudica's Rebellion Against Rome

  2. 100th Pocket Landship

  3. Isn't it iconic! - Race for the Galaxy

Grumpy Gamer

Almost every post in our section Grumpy Gamer scored high. Here's a handful:


Solitaire Select

Every month we had an editor's choice of the new retail and Kickstarter games. Judging by readers' visits, Tainted Grail was this years top favourite.


Dungeon Degenerates


Donning the Purple: Votes & Virtue


Legendary Encounters: Alien Covenant




Tainted Grail

2019 overall

Best Kickstarter game, best expansion, and the Game of the Year.

Cream of the crop 2019

We hope you will all join us again in 2020. We'll be there. For now, enjoy the last evening of 2019. Cheers.

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