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Three DVG titles are live (Return of the Leaders)

DVG has now launched its Kickstarter campaign for the reprint of Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Tiger Leader, and Fleet Commander Nimitz. Each of these games comes with an expansion that you can either pledge for separately, or you may combine all three, or just get the base game(s) of your choice: the expansion for TAL is called Nap of the Earth, and offers more pilot and aircraft cards. The expansion for Tiger Leader is called Blitzkrieg! and offers more commander, battalion and campaign cards. The expansion for Fleet Commander Nimitz is the Yamamoto AI that enhances the Japanese side.

If the campaign funds on day 1, every backer receives five counter trays for free. There are more expansions for the games to be unlocked as stretch goals.

Image source: DVG Facebook page

Our preview post below was published on November 10.


DVG is going to launch a Kickstarter campaign on November 14 for a reprint of three of their most popular titles: Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Tiger Leader, and Fleet Commander Nimitz. Expansions to these games will also be available.

In case you are unfamiliar with them, all three are solitaire campaign wargames based on hand management and dice rolling.

In both Thunderbolt Apache Leader (American air forces in real and hypothetical contemporary wars) and Tiger Leader (German land forces in WWII), you will need to select your pilots and aircrafts or soldiers and tanks, think how to place them on the terrain tiles, and try to survive the battles in order to complete the given campaigns. As the game progresses, your crew gets stressed, and the vehicles may get damaged. On each turn, the enemy forces move and attack. Their movement is dictated by a table which you consult according to the roll of a die.

In Fleet Commander Nimitz, you are recreating the Pacific conflict between the US and Japan. The game comes with a stunning number of counters which you have to strategically place on the map in order to defeat the Japanese AI.

Image source: BGG

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