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Where we find ourselves in the virtual editorial office, discussing the November Kickstarters and kissing our money goodbye.

JW: Tranquility? Ah, a puzzle like The Game with soothing artwork. You have to play it in silence so I can finally shut myself up. Instaback.

Athena: My inner voice tells me this is a game for us. We always interact in silence. That's why I'm so tranquil. Instaback.

JW: So Legacies is this heavy game spanning 300 years, with multi-use cards and a changing board. Who cares we know nothing about game play, I am drooling here. Instaback.

Athena: Judging by the dress of the main character, the theme is 300 years of lion taming. Instaback.

JW: Have you seen Mr Java? I just quit my job, and yes, this is exactly what I need. A game that will give me that old 80-hours-a-week feeling again! It plays like a game, but feels like work. Where do I sign?

Athena: I just love coffee-making games! Oh, it's about project management. Ten times more exciting! I'm in too.

JW: Worker placement, busy bees. Honey Buzz! And it looks so cuty cuty cute. Also: tile laying. We didn't have one of those recently, did we. It's time for me to go with the buzzzzz.

Athena: Anthropomorphic animals can sell me anything!

JW: AlderQuest has a tree! I can add it to the ones of Everdell and Oathsworn, then take them down and make a nice little parking lot for my dinky toys. When I'm not playing AlderQuest itself that is. I am so happy someone breathes some fresh air in the neglected mechanic of match three. Instaback.

Athena: Hour of Need. I don't care for superheroes but this is by the Sadler brothers. You can tack anything on those modular decks! Instaback.

JW: Yes! Why play Marvel Champions now, when you can wait for a IP-less version for a whole year? I don't think the story arc will be very strong, but that only increases replayability. It will play even smoother than Street Masters, and be over quick. I need this. Instaback.

JW: Arkeis. They had me at steampunk Ancient Egypt, but even better: it's a storytelling legacy campaign game with minis. So cool!

Athena: Oooh, I've never had the chance to destroy a game's components. Perhaps now is the time. And the Egyptian minis will always remind me how much I spent before I trashed it!

JW: Titans takes place in 17th Century Europe. It's still in development, but there will be solo scenarios. Based on real historical conflicts and events. I'm hoping for the Dutch against the Spaniards. Except now we can use Titans to kick them out and score us some Victory Points. Count me in!

Athena: Glory is a game about jousting and other knightly stuff! I'm sure it's great fun playing tournaments against a bot. All in.

JW: Then there's wheeling and dealing in 16th century Venice. A sigh of relief, I was afraid there was no Turczi this month. I want them all. Do they have minis like with Rome & Roll? Please say yes.

Athena: They must have gondolas and gondoliers. And also bridges. And shady mafia deals! Obviously a game that thrives in solo mode. Backing pronto!

JW: 303 Squadron will come with minis for sure. You can move your fighter aircraft over the map going weaaaang tukkatukkatukkatukka. I will! Bloody marvellous.

JW: Now for my favourite. 1941: Race to Moscow. Yeah, that didn't work out so well back then. Who says logistics is just for dull bookkeepers. Let's see if we can get ammo and fuel to those young men who were trying to unite Europe, and get them to Moscow before it starts freezing. What a charming idea for a game. Lovely train on the cover. Playing this will warm my heart.

Athena: And that's the last one on our list.

JW: No! I was hoping for a few more, actually. Keep 'em coming. 'Cause I'm a Superbacker.

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