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Red Imp Games had initially announced a Kickstarter for Inquisitor but in the end chose the retail path.

This 1-4 player cooperative detective game takes place in a fictional world, ruled by inquisitors. It is based on a novel by the Polish author Jacek Piekara, and the creators warn the public that 'Not any content of the game, neither images, nor the plot or background, is intended to offend anyone's religious feelings as they are merely props of a popular category known as "Religious Fiction"'.

The theme sounds controversial indeed: 'Fifteen centuries have passed since Jesus descended from his cross, bathed Jerusalem in blood, and conquered Rome. The world has been ruled by inquisitors ever since. (...) In this petty world, fear paralyzes the hearts of those who shy away from ruthless eradication of any signs of evil or corruption. Whenever an answer to a question is found, ten more questions appear immediately'.

We should expect to see it in the shops around October.

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Image source: BGG

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