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The charms of the third time

You already own Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom, the Mean Streets expansion, and possibly some extra characters. So is there anything interesting in the third printing of the game for the Degenerate veteran?

The answer is yes, if you haven't yet picked the Worldbooks. If you have so far dismissed them as unnecessary fluff, I can assure you they are not. The Badlands and the Wetlands include extra missions you can play in your campaigns, so they are worth ordering for this reason alone.

Utilitarian purpose aside, the books give more context to your adventures, make a wurst-y meal even meatier. Sure, you know the gist of it, the existence of a rotting swamp where fishoid creatures roam around. But did you know that the Bog Gutters celebrate Turnipnacht? Or that they harvest fishoid mucus to protect themselves from Bloodflies? And what about the Black Tree, did you know that the damned write their sins on scrolls and hang them from its branches?

For fans of the game, these ethnographic guides to the Wurstreich are essential. They are my solo choice for this month. (Kickstarter campaign page)

Image source: BGG

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So initially I dismissed the game and didn’t back the first Kickstarter campaign. Big mistake. Then I backed the second printing campaign but only ordered two of these nine books because I thought they were fluff. Another big mistake. I was so impressed with the books that for the Mean Streets expansion campaign I ordered all seven of the rest of them. They really are a great addition to this game.

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