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CMON don't know what they just sold

Two months ago, the CMON Time Machine Kickstarter funded successfully. Part of it was the Time Vault. Backers could get access to Kickstarter exclusive promos from previous campaigns. The Pledge Manager was supposed to open at the end of October. But we just received an update.

Setting up the Pledge Manager took more than the planned three weeks. And more than the four weeks after that. It's even going to take "a couple of weeks" from now.

This is actually quite a monumental task, making sure all our inventory counts for all the products in the Time Vaults are correct (both in the US and in China), making sure the prices are right, and that the shipping costs are being calculated correctly (which requires the correct weight and dimensions for each item). All that for hundreds and hundreds of different products across over a dozen game lines (many of which several years old).

They launched the campaign without knowing what's available, without knowing size and weight, without thinking about how much work would be involved, with just setting arbitrary dates in their fulfilment timeline. There's no better time to prepare for a campaign than afterwards. Where's that Time Machine when you need it.

At least the new content that justified the campaign in the first place (soundtracks!) lives up to expectations.

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