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Hitting a perfect strike

It's here! A second expansion for my top-3 favourite Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game: Legendary Encounters: Alien Covenant. Unlike the first expansion with its fan-fiction scenarios at least this has movie material again. Unfortunately the movie it is based on was forgettable - literally, I've seen it, I forgot all about it.

There's one new scenario in the box, with six characters to build a deck from, five avatars, some new strikes, drones and soldiers. It also has new "queen mother player" cards (or actually "David player cards"), that until now you couldn't use for solo. But there's an option to try and beat it now if you win the game and ever think it's too easy.

The new objectives are well done and I had fun playing the game right until the end, when it became crazy tough. I know you need a bit of luck, and I know it was my first time but wow.

I played two handed. One of the avatars went down to a cool new strike that give him a good old chestburster.

The other avatar saw this happening, turned around and faced two perfect organisms striking hard. Dead and dead. Oh. How to ever beat this.

I must say I was a bit disappointed, as there's also soldiers included (extra hard to beat aliens) and a "hard mode" for the scenario but this was already over the top. The first expansion brought so much fun stuff to the game, I've rated it a 10. I sat a bit dazed at the table and thought, okay. This one may be an 8 then. Bummer.

Went to do the dishes. Couldn't get it out of my head. Set it up again. Shuffled in some soldiers because I thought, whatever.

My second play was very exciting and exhilarating. Oh my, what a ride. I knew what to expect of course and could prepare a little better. But I wasn't always lucky and I got hit so hard. And I had to face those soldiers I'd added in twice, as I ran through the whole hive deck and had to shuffle them in again. But I managed to heal some wounds again and again.

And then at last, with the final alien boss card still in play, one of my avatars died on me. So the other one took all the hits. And was down to 9 damage out of 10. When I could play Karine's "Stay the hell away!" and just like that hit all my damage right back. 9 wounds. I just had to give that "perfect" organism a little tip with my pinkie and BAM. Down it went. Oh yeah.

I was so full of adrenaline, I forgot all about the optional extra ending against David.

This was so much fun.

I still think everyone should buy the first expansion first. Or the base game of course if you never tried it. But I am very happy they're still adding content to this game. It's great. So yes, Alien Covenant is my Solitaire Select for October.

Cross-posted from Solitaire Games on Your Table on BGG.


P.S. I've got my cards sleeved and can't see their backs. But if you don't: the new cards are slightly lighter coloured than the base game. And there are effects where you put some cards in the strike deck or from the strike deck into the Complex. So that could ruin the surprise a bit.

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