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In ancient times, when all women were top models (Aeolis is live)

Update: Aeolis has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 12 days. The creators responded to the complaints regarding the appearance of the female characters by adding the option of a 'family friendly' pledge both for the core game, and the all-in bundle of expansions and add-ons. Somehow they neglected to list Greece in their shipping section. Those sexy ladies are indeed distracting.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on October 20.


Cooperative kingdom builder Aeolis will come to Kickstarter on 21 October. The game with civ elements like technology trees features several scenarios and will have you trying to survive enemy attacks, natural disasters and riots.

The player roles all play differently and bring their own specialty to the game. The Merchant will use the trade wheel to influence prices and get resources for cheap on the market - or sell them with a profit. The Priestess uses her faith dice to activate an ability. The Magi use crystals for spells, while the Philosopher focusses on research for discovering technologies. And the Queen will handle events with her diplomatic skills.

The game is set in an alternative historical Greece, with women holding all important positions. It is labeled 18+ and a Dirty Old Men Kickstarter Deluxe version will probably include a box of tissues.

Do check out the Facebook page by Dreamcraft Games for introduction of the player roles and let yourself be submerged in the deep lore of Admiral Sappho and her contemporaries. Find out for example why apprentice Serpent Magi of the Oracle like the one pictured above have to sleep naked, and read about a nightly visit of a lustful mentor.

Then get back on earth again with a look at the rulebook.

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