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Kickstarter Updates... (by govmiller)

Today we have the pleasure of hosting our fellow guild member, Eric Miller (govmiller).

What is it with these creators? I mean, c'mon people, find a happy medium who needs some attention!!!

These creators are almost always binary. WAY too much, or WAY too little in the update department. I can understand the too little part, but really? Do I need an update for EVERY SINGLE THING you think of to make your game or project better? Rein it in!!!

I get that you're happy your obscure worker-placement deck-building game with silk-screened meeples has now reached 10% of the funding goal after 1 hour, but maybe hold that thought for just a bit? Maybe give it more than the 5 minutes since it's been launched? How about maybe when you hit 50%? Oh, wait, yeah, that'll be another update. And you'll probably work some story in about an Aunt (that we'll never meet) who was SO supportive when you were going through "that phase" of your life and how traumatic it was.

Really? Like I care? I'm in this for the GAME. I'm glad you overcame your challenges. Really. Want to hear mine? Didn't think so based on how well you respond to backer comments... This is YOUR soapbox and boy howdy, are you ever going to run with it...

And another update at the end of Day 1? Really? Did you feel lonely? Just want to say hi to us faceless backers? Trying to see how many "likes" you can get per update? Is there some hidden stretch goal based on number of likes of updates? Or is there some side bet going on between you creators? "My project got more likes than yours did!!!! Nah, nah...!" Or, here's the cynic in me, is there a "kickback" part of Kickstarter...?

Oh look, we still have 29 days to go on your project. And another update telling us that! At least this time you included some info on sharing the project on social media. That's not bad, but let's face it, with all the other updates, I've now tuned you out. Yeah, you cried "wolf" one too many times...

And then later that day, I get yet another update telling me "TOO MAJOR THINGS..." (yes, you didn't spell "TWO" correctly... guess you were in a hurry? Or is this an attempt at "edgy...") First, that a stretch goal has been unlocked. Yea. That's good, that just means your project will now probably deliver late since it appears you didn't plan for it. And the second thing...

That second thing is a "hey check out this project I think is really cool." AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I get enough stupid ads thrown at me all day- why you!!!! Gah! I like updates where I actually get UPDATED! Don't sell me someone else's stuff! Do that on your website or BGG for cryin' out loud...!

Now when the project's over, that's when we need updates. Again, not every single day. I don't need to know that the factory called you back. That's great. Did they send cookies? Just keep us backers updated on the progress- if there's any issues, just be upfront and open with them. But don't you dare go silent.... That's another rant...

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I'm particularly un-fond of the "new stretch goals" update. I've already promised you my money for the game. I don't want two copies, so I'm not going to give you any more money. Why are you telling <i>me</i> that you've got a new stretch goal? Surely you want to tell everyone <i>except</i> me?

— RogerBW / Firedrake


Sep 25, 2019

Please no more than 1 every day during a campaign. (Orchard's recent campaign had all of two during the campaign, that might have been too few.) But after the campaign, do check in once a month/every six weeks so I don't think you've just disappeared.

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