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Chronicles of Drunagor is live (Game tray dungeons)

Update: Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness is live on Kickstarter. Besides the core game, the campaign has an extra elf on offer (free on day one) and two expansions: Rise of the Undead Dragon and Desert of Hellscar. You can play through the 40+ hours campaign solo with one hero - or play co-op of course. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days.

Here's an introduction video by Jon Gets Games:

Our preview post below was published on 27 October.


Chronicles of Drunagor is a 1-5 player cooperative dungeon crawl game, launching on Kickstarter on October 29.

The semi-novelty in this case is that the 'crawling' takes place on 3D terrain formed by plastic game trays (an idea we've already seen in Tiny Epic Tactics). The game begins by choosing your character, and opening a door. The door is in fact a leaflet which you unfold to read the flavour text and setup instructions. Then, according to what you find inside the room you enter, you check the accompanying adventure book to explore clues, point-and-click style. (For example: you enter a room, and find a gargoyle statue. The statue is illustrated in the book with eyeball icons around it that you may interact with: that is, consult the corresponding paragraph to see what happens).

Both heroes and enemies activate according to a linear initiative track, and combat is resolved by spending cubes from the heroes' board and/or rolling a D20, while monsters deal the damage that is listed on their own card. To learn more, you may wish to check the Kickstarter preview.

Image source: Creative Games Studio Facebook page

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