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15 cards you can't play with

There is this mythical game called D-Day Dice (second edition). After a hugely succesful Kickstarter campaign, the company had problems with planning and production, combined with some very bad luck. Over a year after it should have been delivered to backers, it has still not arrived. But, the second coming is close as always.

So what better time to start selling the first expansions than now. One will be available on BoardGameGeek, the other one (Patriots & Smugglers) can be bought at the publisher's website: Word Forge Games. It will also be available at Essen Spiel, end of this week.

Patriots & Smugglers
Image source: publisher's Facebook page

The 15 card set includes two Legendary Units: the Patriots and the Smugglers, as well as a special card for D-Day Dice Pocket. First print run is 500. You won't be able to play with it, because it kind of needs the base game. And this is a pre-order, so it won't be sent yet either.

Still, just 499 copies left.

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