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63 solo and soloable Kickstarter releases of 2020

If you are a member of the One Player Guild, and are already aware of my Sifting through Kickstarter thread, please forgive the repetition. If you aren't, this is a list of solo and soloable games planned to launch on Kickstarter in the new year. It doesn't include games that don't have a BGG entry (e.g. ISS Vanguard, expansions to Cloudspire) and relaunches of games that failed to fund in 2019. Some cooperative games that may be played double-handed but don't explicitly mention 1 in the number of players have been omitted as well.

1. Frosthaven. Isaac Childres. 1-4 players. Description: 'A standalone adventure in the Gloomhaven universe. A group of mercenaries at the end of their rope will help bring back a settlement from the edge of destruction'.

2. One Deck Galaxy. Chris Cieslik. 1-2 players. Description: 'A co-op space civilization-building game. Explore, colonize, research — but be sure to build up your strength to be ready for the dangers that await!'

3. Mini Rogue. Paolo Di Stefano, Gabriel Gendron. 1-2 players. Description: 'Delve into a deep dungeon to get the famous ruby called The Og's Blood on the bottom floor'.

4. Masters of the Night. N/A. 1-5 players. Description: 'Play as a member of a Vampire family, just arrived in a new, unfamiliar city. Will you survive and establish your rule? Who are the mysterious Agents trying to stop you?'

5. Return to Dark Tower. Isaac Childres, Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson. 1-4 players. Description: 'A "sequel" to the 1981 grail game. Players take the role of heroes, and together undertake quests and face the tower'.

6. Rocketmen. Martin Wallace. 1-4 players. Description: 'A deck-building confrontation of swift decision-making and tactical choices, Rocketmen gives you the feel of taking a front seat in a technologically wonderful spectacle of space exploration'.

7. The Dead Eye. Rob van Zyl. 1 player. Description: 'You are Plgrm. Get Partz. Get Furtha. Reach Safe Havn. Beware the creeping Tox'.

8. Malhya: Lands of Legends. François Denis et al. 1-5 players. Description: 'With the balance of the planet Malhya threatened, a group of heroes awake. You are one of those heroes with extraordinary abilities. Master the power of the Aura, and thwart the plans of your enemies'.

9. Chai: Tea for 2. Dan Kazmaier, Connie Kazmaier. 1-2 players. Description: 'Facing off as tea merchants, both players will secure tea clipper contracts while improving their tea plantations'.

10. Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS. Thomas Filippi, Gary Paitre. 1-4 players. Description: 'The game takes place in Montreal, after the appearance of the Second Inquisition and the fall of the Sabbat. Players' decisions will shape the adventure in a strong and mature storytelling'.

11. Kanban EV. Vital Lacerda. 1-4 players. Description: 'The setting is an electric car assembly line. The players are ambitious managers who are trying to impress the board of directors'.

12. Ravage: Swamps of Delgor. Ian Schofield. 1-5 players. Description: 'You don’t play the heroes in this game, you play Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, and Kobolds of the Blackroot clan. Your chieftain has your orders you will seek glory and smash the faces of your enemies for teef'.

13. Viscounts of the West Kingdom. Shem Phillips. 1-4 players. Description: 'The game is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. As viscounts, we must be wise and decisive. Loyalty is to be upheld, but gaining favour among the people must be our priority'.

14. Excavation Earth. Dávid Turczi, Wai Yee. 1-4 players. Description: 'In Excavation: Earth you lead a race of alien explorers on their quest to excavate rare human artifacts and curate the ultimate art collection to sell off'.

15. On Mars: Surviving Mars – The Cooperative Expansion for On Mars. Vital Lacerda. 1-4 players. Description: A cooperative expansion to On Mars.

16. Pulp Invasion. Todd Sanders. 1-2 players. Description: 'You are an undercover agent of the Intergalactic Council sent on a clandestine mission to explore planets infiltrated by three alien races'.

17. Final Girl. Evan Derrick, AJ Porfirio. 1 player. Description: 'The game puts the player in the shoes of a female protagonist who must kill the slasher if she wants to survive'.

18. Seventh Cross. D. Brad Talton Jr. 1-4 players. Description: 'Take on the role of a Church Hunter, a sworn defender of the world against the forces of darkness'.

19. Roll Player Adventures. Keith Matejka, Peter Andrew Ryan, James William Ryan. 1-4 players. Description: 'A cooperative storybook board game set in the world of Roll Player'.

20. Eila and Something Shiny. Jeffrey CCH. 1 player. Description: 'Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit - Eila is attracted by something shiny on the hill. Make good choices for Eila as every step you take will make a huge change'.

21. The Whatnot Cabinet. Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn, Keith Matejka. 1-4 players. Description: 'Leave your house, uncover intriguing objects, assemble them in your whatnot cabinet, and create a wonderful collection of curiosities'.

22. In Too Deep. Josh Cappel, Daryl Chow. 1-4 players. Description: 'The year is 2087. You are an up-and-coming police officer working to take down the criminal syndicates that run the city. Sometimes the best way to make a difference is from the inside'.

23. Veilwraith. Tristan Hall. 1 player. Description: 'A fantasy card game with deck building elements set after the end of the world.

24. Defenders of the Realm (2nd Edition). Richard Launius. 1-4 players. Description: 'You, as one of the King's Heroes make use of strategy, special abilities, cooperation, card play and a little luck for a unique experience every adventure'.

25. The 7th Citadel. Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter. 1-4 players. Description: 'In a land fraught with danger and wonders, you have to use every ounce of wit and cunning to survive, crafting tools, weapons, and shelter to ensure your survival'.

26. Sublime Dark. Tristan Hall. 1-4 players. Description: 'A cooperative storytelling horror adventure game where players must uncover secrets about the town of Blackfell. The art, themes, and imagery in the game may be disturbing'.

27. Cascadia. Randy Flynn. 1-4 players. Description: 'A puzzly tile-laying and token-drafting game featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest'.

28. Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor. Cornelius Cremin, Pawel Mazur, Dirk Sommer. 1-4 players. Description: 'A strategically challenging and fully cooperative board game set in a deeply immersive post-apocalyptic dark fantasy setting'.

29. Followers. Sergey Usminskiy. 1-4 players. Description: 'You become one of the mythological gods and travel to different epochs to convert as many people as possible to your faith'.

30. Dark Ages. Adam Kwapiński, Andrei Novac. 1-4 players. Description: 'A historically-based civilization-building game that features an innovative action selection mechanism'.

31. Dreamescape. N/A. 1-2 players. Description: 'You play as the dream spirit of a 1920’s pulp horror writer. Trapped behind the door of sleep, you must explore the landscape and unlock one of the few doors that let you awaken from the nightmare'.

32. Autarch: The Age of Blood and Glory. Luka Sremić. 1-4 players. Description: 'Welcome to the Age of Blood and Glory, where you and your opponents will send your fighters to the epic re-enactments of the infamous wars, in the hope of finding favour with the High Autarch'.

33. Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. Cole Wehrle. 1-5 players. Description: 'Players take the role of agents bolstering the old order or scheme to bring the kingdom to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow'.

34. Cape May. Eric Mosso. 1-4 players. Description: 'Players have to manage their income and actions over four “seasons” as they purchase and upgrade commercial and residential properties'.

35. SSO: Temporal Anomaly and SSO: The Rage of Montalbano. Glenn Ford. 1-6 players. Description: Expansions for SSO.

36. Lands of Galzyr. Sami Laakso, Seppo Kuukasjärvi. 1-4 players. Description: 'An adventuring game with an open and persistent world. Players assume the roles of cunning adventurers traversing the lands while completing quests, trying to gather fame and prestige'.

37. Outlaws In A Strange Land. Stephen Gibson. 1-4 players. Description: 'Assume the role of a demon outlawed from hell, now finding refuge and a life of adventure in the mortal realm of the American Wild West'.

38. Agemonia. Max Wikström. 1-4 players. Description: 'Live your destiny, and become the mightiest of unlikely heroes — or even the most despicable of villains — in this unforgettable adventure!'

39. Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices. Enrica Fincati, Francesco Simioni. 1-4 players. Description: 'A story-driven, fully cooperative board game with top-notch quality miniatures and a unique narrative, set in a fictional medieval Japan'.

40. Entity. Piotr Piechowiak. 1-4 players. Description: 'A deduction game where one player plays as an unknown being, a result of a secret government operation conducted during the Vietnam war, whereas other players play as spec ops sent to recon the area'.

41. Stellaris: Legacy. Gunter Eickert. 1-4 players. Description: 'Design your own burgeoning, starfaring race from dozens of Trait Cards. Lead your empire and grow it through the eons over multiple games'.

42. Degrees in Darkness. Chris Glein. 1-4 players. Description: 'An engine building and drafting game in which players are trying to complete projects in Alchemy, Reanimation, and more to graduate from the Academy of the Dark Arts'.

43. Empire & City Planner & Railways. Todd Sanders, Alban Viard. 1 player. Description: Three nano-games by Sanders and Viard.

44. Deliverance. Andrew Lowen. 1-4 players. Description: 'Since the victory on the Cross, you have hunted the fallen angelic Princes. Once your faithful brethren, they now lead Satan’s forces of Darkness in a bitter war against the humans, bent on corrupting every last soul. In a bid to end their reign of chaos, you have planned a daring mission into one of their great Strongholds'.

45. Sheol. N/A. 1-4 players. Description: 'Earth has turned from being the realm of man to a place reigned by shadows. The only bastion of salvation is the Citadel. From there the Scouts head out to explore the desolate lands of Sheol in search of resources'.

46. Lost Ones. Gordon Alford. 1-4 players. Description: 'A map tile exploration game set in a "Choose Your Own Path" story. The player takes on the role of one of four available youths who have been kidnapped and taken to the Otherworld, home of the Fae'.

47. Hindsight: 2020. Rob Huber, Brendan Riley. 1-4 players. Description: 'A real-time cooperative dice-drafting puzzle game. Luckily for the rest of humanity, you’ve just finished the prototype for your new time-intervention device. Can you finish before the apocalypse arrives?'

48. Astroforce: The Dice Game. Carl White. 1-2 players. Description: 'You are responsible for the crew members aboard the A.S.V. Pioneer during its five year mission of exploration. In order to succeed, you will need to complete missions and overcome the unpredictable challenges that may arise during them'.

49. Black Sonata: The Fair Youth. John Kean. 1 player. Description: An expansion to Black Sonata.

50. Micro City (Second Edition). Michał Jagodziński, Kamil Langie. 1-2 players. Description: 'Micro City is a small game about building your city. Several game modes, various challenges, different levels of difficulty and random distribution of districts will make each game different!'

51. Dawnshade. Jett Ryker, Ty Vance. 1-5 players. Description: 'As a Petarukin, you are used to living secluded in the forests of the Galeswood. But there is unrest brewing in the land…'

52. Puzzle Dungeon. Brian Garber. 1 player. Description: 'A solitaire hand management, modular board, set collection game in which you control a monster hunter making their way through a dungeon filled with several types of monsters and their kings'.

53. Veil Of Ruin. N/A. 1-6 players. Description: 'You will take on the role of one of six Heroes, each with their own unique playstyle. To discover the mystery of humanity’s fall, your party will explore the decaying ruins of a once-great civilization, working together to survive the horrors of the Corruption'.

54. Mechanical Beast. Ben Morayta. 1-4 players. Description: 'A tile laying/manipulation puzzle, where you play as an exploration party of engineers who, together with your android helper, must explore the belly of a giant robot to find its control room and deactivate it'.

55. Turris. Nikita Chigladze. 1-4 players. Description: 'A competitive Worker Placement game where players attempt to build the Tower as a final defense mechanism, utilizing the prehistoric technology of divine origin'.

56. Ruins: Death Binder. Marek Vogelsinger. 1-2 players. Description: 'A 1 to 2 player board game that incorporates unique reverse deck building and dungeon crawling mechanics'.

57. Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! (Deluxe Edition). Eduardo Baraf. 1-5 players. Description: 'The objective is to be the first player to get their Aliens off the planet using resource cards, action cards, and phases of the moon to escape. If the planet explodes before everyone escapes, the player with the most saved Aliens wins'.

58. Euthia: Torment of Resurrection. Markéta Bláhová, Tadeáš Spousta. 1-4 players. Description: 'A competitive strategic board game where you take the role of one of five heroes. Your hero wanders through the open-world of a fantasy landscape represented by the modular tile-based map'.

59. Neo-Morphosis. Filippo Chirico. 1-4 players. Description: 'We are in the second Technological Gold Rush, looking for a way to warm the planet, or leave it behind entirely. You will be working on one of the many research projects taking humanity to the stars. Little do you know what’s in store for you'.

60. Warp's Edge. Scott Almes. 1 player. Description: 'Just as your ship crests gravity’s edge and infinite blackness takes hold... you are back where you started. You have a second chance at the edge of space and now you know what’s coming...'

61. The Ratcatcher, Solo Adventure. Matthew Aslin. 1 player. Description: 'You are the Ratcatcher! The only person capable of dispelling the plague suffered by Gruyere and returning the realm to peace. But beware: The rats are beginning to change, and it's not for the better, so hurry!'

62. Deep Space D-6: Armada. Tony Go. 1-4 players. Description: 'In the far reaches of the galaxy, a local cluster of planets have been invaded by a hostile regime. Players will take command of a starship and work together to complete missions while defending the system'.

63. Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game. Herschel Hoffmeyer. 1-6 players. Description: 'A deck-building game in which you play as a prehistoric predator competing for territory and resources against other predators'.

Image source: BGG

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