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100th Pocket Landship

Two years ago when I started playing solo games seriously, I printed out some small PnP games to try out. One of them was Pocket Landship. I just used a low ink setting on cheap paper. I've played the game 100 times now. Best 5 cents I ever spent.

Pocket Landship is a small thematic dice game, set in a World War 1-like world. It has a nice combination of luck and tactics. You try to save your landship (tank) while an enemy attacks relentlessly. Landships, infantry and artillery keep coming at you. You'll have to manoeuvre mine fields and survive ambushes. It will take some twelve minutes to win or maybe just three to lose. You'll lose most of the time. Then go again.

Cards are double sided so both the layout of your landship and the enemy troops can be varied during set up. The recent Kickstarter campaign added even more cards, plus a two-player coop variant (that's perfectly solo-able). And a big wooden box, for those of us that have big pockets. And a neoprene playmat, as who would play without one. The theme has been changed to an even more alternate history, where your diesel powered Landship fights hordes of steam powered mechs.

Late pledges end this week. Then in November, I can start a new series. With the much better cards of the official version. And see how long it takes me to get to 100 yet again.

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