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Year One Stats

The first year is over, first 600 posts done! Writing took us about 24 hrs a week, then there's the research and the playing of games in preparation. But it's a very nice hobby and totally worth it.

340 of these posts were announcements for Kickstarter campaigns, some 85 for retail games. We are a news website first and foremost and we always try to find out how a game plays and what is known about the solo mode. But we also just post whatever we feel like. As this is not a business, but a labour of love. So we wrote 140 session reports, of which 40 for PnP games. Amazingly, only 40 grumpy posts. And then we tried some series. Some unsuccessful (Lazy Links), some successful (Home Alone and End Times). Oh! Just a month ago we opened Loners Lounge, where all the cool kids hang out with us.

We've got our weekly overviews on BGG. Somewhere during the year we added a Facebook page, but as we are lousy photographers, we didn't venture into Instagram. And hopefully Twitter's dead, as I don't think we can handle much more.

Anyway. What was popular on Solitaire Times? Here's the top-10 in pageviews.

  1. [Essay] Garden of degenerate delights: musings on the art and theme of Dungeon Degenerates

  2. [Table Presence] Finally landed (D-Day Dice)

  3. [Grumpy Gamer] Things I dislike in solo games (sometimes without even trying them)

  4. [Kickstarter News] Upcoming Kickstarter from Portal Games: Scenario Book for Robinson Crusoe

  5. [Grumpy Gamer] CMON don't know what they just sold

  6. [Kickstarter News] Return of the Leaders (Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Tiger Leader, Fleet Commander Nimitz)

  7. [Retail News] Gloomhaven lite coming in 2020 (Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion)

  8. [Kickstarter Overview] 63 solo and soloable Kickstarter releases of 2020

  9. [Solitaire Select] Intruder's happy in the dark (Nemesis)

  10. [PnP Overview] Home Alone (time to Print and Play)

Most reader interaction was on my post about depression, that was a nice and welcome surprise. Thanks.

If you have any suggestions for us to improve or try out, do let us know. We're always interested in what you have to say. And if we ignore your advice, it's only because we're just the two of us.

(And sometimes because we're stubborn and grumpy).

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