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Upcoming Kickstarter from Portal Games: Scenario Book for Robinson Crusoe

In a recent blog post, Ignacy Trzewiczek confessed he has lost his 'compass': he is going through a designer's block, and has difficulty coming up with the next big thing in board gaming.

And indeed, the announcement of forthcoming releases from Portal Games during PortalCon yesterday was basically a list of expansions on their existing line of games. (Although they did tease a new soccer-themed game and a party game).

For Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, the company will run a Kickstarter campaign sometime this year to fund a Book of Adventures. This will be a collection of scenarios grouped according to their theme and difficulty levels: from easy ones you can play with family and kids, to harder ones for hardcore gamers. Ignacy said that the reason they chose Kickstarter instead of retail release was to involve the community: sometime in the first half of the year they will announce a competition for scenarios designed by fans of the game, and the best of them will be included in the Book.

Image source: Portal Games website

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