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You gotta fight for your right to party

Feierabend is a 1-6 player worker placement game about workers claiming their right to relax and enjoy their leisure time after work. This is a Friedemann Friese design, scheduled to hit European shops sometime in August, and American ones a little later.

Image source: BGG

The German term 'Feierabend' refers to the time working people dedicate to relaxation and amusement after they finish work (literally a 'celebration of the evening'). In the multiplayer mode, players compete to gain the most relaxation, but in the solo mode you are facing a robot. And robots not only steal people's positions in factories, they also relax more than them. If you let them win, that is.

On each turn, you may perform one of three available actions: 1) place up to 3 workers on the House board, 2) place 1 worker on the Leisure, Amusement, Vacation or Union board, and 3) strike for better working conditions. The House board features a pub and a house. Workers can either relax with a drink at the pub, work at the pub to gain money or stay at home to sleep (and gain relaxation points). The Leisure board offers motorcycle rides, fitness and fishing. The Amusement board offers a theme park, a blind date and a motel. The Vacation board can only be used if you strike for better working conditions.

The robot starts the game with income, workers and strike tokens, and takes actions according to the result of a die roll. As soon as either you or the robot reaches 40 relaxation, the end game is triggered, you both execute your final actions, and compare scores.

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