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And the First Will Be the Sixth

A lot of games by Final Frontier Games are set in the fantasy world of The Five Realms, but not the newest one. The Sixth Realm is set in The First Realm.

The Sixth Realm: boards
Image source: Final Frontier Games website

A fog has been lifted from your mysterious ancestral homeland and now you set out to explore it. In this endeavour you will get help from the guilds. For example, the Merchants Guild has actions associated with resources, the Adventurers Guild with exploring ruins and collecting artifacts, the Scribes Guild can provide free actions with scrolls and so on. The order in which each guild activates changes per round and so does the timing of the actions you can take.

The Sixth Realm is an engine builder with lots of combos, bonuses, and player interaction. In the solo game this interaction will be supplied by an AI.

The Sixth Realm: solo bot
Solo bot - Image source: Final Frontier Games website

Personal opinion: At first glance this bot looks a bit too involved for my tastes. And with so many crowdfunding campaigns launching every week, a first glance is all most games get, I’m afraid. 😬 The combined output of the designers is impressive though (The Guild of Merchant Explorers, Isle of Trains: All Aboard, Merchants Cove and many more), so if heavy euros are your thing, do check this out.


The Sixth Realm will launch on Kickstarter this Thursday, April 24 and the image on the pre-launch page seems to suggest that there will be an expansion as well:

The Sixth Realm - boxes
Image source: Kickstarter page

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