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Black Sonata: The Fair Youth is live (The poet is stalking the streets again)

Update: The Fair Youth expansion to Black Sonata is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 19 days. You have the option of backing either just the expansion or just the base game or both.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on January 5.


The Fair Youth, the first of two expansions to the single player hidden movement game Black Sonata is coming to Kickstarter on 7 January. The base game will be reprinted and also be available in this campaign.

In Black Sonata you are in pursuit of the Dark Lady from Shakespeare's sonnets, in London. It is an ingenious solitaire deduction game where the dark lady follows the path of a stealth deck, giving you small clues about her location. When you find her, you'll get a clue about her identity. Once you've figured out who she is, you can try to find and confront her before you run out of time.

The expansion is made up from several modules, so you can pick and choose which to add to your game.

Image source: the work-in-progress page on BGG

The Fair Youth

You'll search for this other protagonist of the famous sonnets as well. Add one of 11 Youth cards to your game. Now you can also use the holes in location cards for clues which way he went. Unless you happen to be in the right spot, as then you'll be lied to. So this will add some nice extra detective work to your game.

The Rendezvous

Again, you can add one of 11 cards to your game. It will give a location where you used to hang out with the dark lady. Try to catch her there.

The Rival Poet

Now you're not the only one looking for the dark lady anymore. In the aggressive variant he will block spaces for you. In the elusive variant, he'll try to stay out of your way - but if you manage to catch him, he'll give you an extra clue.

The Darker Ladies

A set of 12 alternative dark lady cards. These use 4 different suits and the clue puzzles are a bit harder to solve. You use them instead of the normal set and this expansion will add a lot of variety to your sessions.

Waypoints and Traces

Two cards that will help you remember where you think you've seen the lady when you went through the stealth deck.

You can download Print and Play components and rules from the expansion's work-in-progress page on BGG.

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Jan 05, 2020

The base game will be reprinted as well. It's mentioned on the Kickstarter announcement page. I hope shipping is reasonable, yes. The professional copy is very nice, indeed.


Wouter Cordewiner
Wouter Cordewiner
Jan 05, 2020

Let's hope they'll also reprint the base game and it has EU friendly shipping. I now have my own PnP copy but I want to support the designer and publisher (and a professional production is just much nicer ;-) ).

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