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Watch your Back: Week May 6 - 12

Just a quick and short overview this time, sorry. The first campaign already launched, which took me by surprise. I was still counting down - while they had taken off, to the moon.



Space Missions - cards
Image source: Kickstarter

In Space Missions (1-4 players) you manage card decks to launch, well yes, space missions and gain victory points. For solo you play against an automated opponent whose missions are always successful.

It is on Kickstarter already and ships only to the EU. Not across borders, not into space.



Children of Morta - cards
Image source: BGG

Cooperative bag-building adventure game Children of Morta: The Board Game (1-4 players) has simultaneous turns. Pro tip: don’t try to solo this three- or four-handed then.

Defeat monsters and level up your heroes, sounds generic – but is it? Zerbique will tell you all about it. Soon. Very soon. He may even beat me to posting this.

Will launch on Kickstarter.

Light Speed: Arena - app
Image source: Light Speed Arena website

In real-time tabletop shooter Light Speed: Arena (1-4 players) you put space ships in position to fight enemy ships and mine asteroids. Then you have to take a picture with your phone of the game state and use an app for battle resolvement. It will probably make funny sounds. I want to make the funny sounds myself.

Orange Shall Overcome!
Image source: BGG

Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome! will get a reprint + expansion. It’s a scenario-based coop about the Resistance in the Netherlands during WWII. As that’s where I live, I’ll see if I can do a post about this game later this week.


You'll find this on Kickstarter.

I C E - board
Image source: BGG

I C E (1-5 players) will get a 2nd Edition. It won’t make the vanilla version obsolete immediately, but any future expansions will build on this second edition. So if you already own it you may want to get the conversion pack. In this game you play an archaeologist looking for the remains of an old civilization underneath the ice – and you actually go digging, by removing tiles from the board.

A new solo mode has been developed by Mauro Gibertoni. This one will launch on Gamefound.

Tramways Engineer's Workbook vol 2 - map
Image source: BGG

Alban Viard’s Tramways Engineer's Workbook volume 2 (1-2 players) is a gamebook where you draw lines with erasable pens to move passengers through cities. You don’t need volume 1 to play.

The campaign will launch on Kickstarter.



Eye of Zamrock - map
Image source: Gamefound

Epic fantasy game Eye of Zamrock: Invasion (1-6 players) will relaunch on Wednesday, this time on Gamefound. You try to build your kingdom, while stopping a demon invasion. Quest, trade, build and battle while listening to the included soundtrack.


Personal opinion

I am too nervous a person to play any real-time games, I play games to relax. So even if Light Speed: Arena didn't have the gimmicky app, I'd pass. On the other hand I almost backed Orange Shall Overcome! the first time, and I think I only skipped because of money priorities. I love playing coops solo and it's cool to have a game set in your own country. So I'm glad to be given a second chance.


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3 comentarios

07 may

Oh and Regicide: Legacy is launching tomorrow (May 8) on Kickstarter.

Me gusta

07 may

Sorry to disappoint! I got unexpectedly busy yesterday night.

Dino Dynasty is featuring a surprise solo mode and this becomes my pick of the week... Although I tried to read the rulebook once and it was too complicated for me. But I always feel drawn it when a game features splendid dino art and a scientifically sound take on the matter!

Children of Morta is a game I really want to add to my collection, but they don't make it easy on me.

Eye of Zamrock looks pretty cool. I have checked the Gamefound page a thousand times. But it never clicked enough to justify backing such a big game that isn't likely to see much of daylight.

Me gusta
07 may
Contestando a

You're supposed to understand the rulebooks here. I don't have an academic degree 😁 Is the solo mode known? I didn't know they'd have one, so I skipped the campaign.

Me gusta
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