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Questing for presents

If you like to print-and-play games without spending hours constructing them, A4 Quest is for you.

Every quest fits on one A4-sized sheet, then you need to print a second sheet for your hero and that's it. You just need some dice, some tokens, nothing fancy. Today I played the Christmas special: Winter Journey - Lost Presents. In which you are Santa Claus and instead of gaining experience like the default hero this time you try to collect presents, so you can put them in your sleigh at the end of your adventure.

Every turn you have to move to the next space of the adventure sheet. Then either spend one of your dice to take one of the available actions or use one food to rest and collect (and re-roll) your spent dice. You will have to fight evil Snowmen that get in your way and try to steal your presents. You may also lose some to nasty traps or unfortunate action results.

It's very light entertainment, but nice enough and rather silly (which I like). I managed to win without thinking too hard about which actions to take and which dice rolls to use. But it was close and it's easy to see how different rolls would have made my adventure a lot harder. I'm looking forward to playing the regular quests and levelling up my hero to fight a big boss.

The free Print and Play version has three non-seasonal quests, the printed edition has two more. There are several heroes and you can randomise the quest by cutting up your sheet and shuffling the location spaces. The printed edition is still on sale with a large discount at the Board & Dice website if you like your games a bit more professional looking.


Update: the complete series:

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