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Santa's Little Secret One

After suggesting 12 solo games for Christmas you might like to buy for yourself, on day #9 we're taking a look at games you could have received.

In December there's a big anonymous gift exchange on Boardgamegeek called Secret Santa. The 1 Player Guild has its own take on this called Santa's Little Secret One Exchange. Organised by guild member Jessica (busdjur) the focus is on exchanging solitaire playable games.

You sign up in October, get handed your target in November and then you can start your anonymous conversation and sleuthing to see what would make a nice gift. It's good fun and brings out the best in people. Things can go wrong, as I discovered last year - but there are always generous people that sign up to help out when somebody does not get a gift as intended.

Taunting your target is allowed and some people had to solve puzzles or cryptograms or even make make a Christmas themed Diorama this year.

Kingdom Deathmas by 1PG member icechamber

So far 35 people reported in the gifts they received. And you can see how broad a range solo gaming has these days, as 70 of these gifts are unique. Unlike last year, when Spirit Island and Terraforming Mars towered over the rest, the top games are diverse this time.

Call to Adventure, Elder Sign, Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham, HEXplore It: The Forests of Adrimon, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, Nusfjord, Proving Grounds, Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner Edition, Star Realms: Frontiers
The most popular games of the exchange at the time of writing.
The most popular games of the exchange at the time of writing.

One of the games I received was Aerion, and I am really enjoying it. Come join us next year, and maybe this will be you:

Little Secret One surprises 1PG member eastwoodk


Update: the complete series:

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