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O cunning Love! with tears thou keep'st me blind

Solo hidden-movement and deduction game Black Sonata will get a second expansion, Strange Shadows. In the game you are Shakespeare, desperately seeking Susan (or rather, The Dark Lady) by following clues about her identity and location while she moves further and further away.

Strange Shadows: Darkest Ladies card
Image source: P&P file

Strange Shadows adds more modules to the mix for more fun and variety. Darkest Ladies, that are even harder to catch. Indirections, that add two new types of stealth cards for if you aren’t confused enough. Blazonry, that add new fog cards and new information you need to gather. The Ferryman, who offers faster travel while protecting The Dark Lady. Tarry cards that will pause the Dark Lady’s movement, but there’ll be a price to pay. Even more Fog cards. – And finally the Cat and Mouse module that adds a two-player variant to the game so we aren’t interested in that here.

Strange Shadows: Clue card
Image source: P&P file

Personal opinion: It’s a very clever design, beautifully produced, and I really enjoyed my plays. Then I sold it. Then I longed for it again. 😁 So I may just reacquire it.

Playing the base game
Found her! (me playing the base game)

For people on a tight budget: the game started out as a free Print & Play game and it is still available on BGG, as are both expansions. Which is great, for a published game. And yes, this means I could craft my own copy as well, but the published version is absolutely worth it.

Black Sonata: Strange Shadows will launch on Kickstarter this Monday, April 22. Reprints of the base game and first expansion The Fair Youth will be available as well.

Strange Shadows: box cover
Image source: BGG

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Same here, made the PnP, loved it and bought the printed copy. Then sold it and got rid of the PnP 😐 Now I might also reacquire it.

Apr 23
Replying to

Ah, The Dark Lady... (sigh) Can't live with her, can't live without her.

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