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Warfighter Expansion Packs Wave #3 is live (Moar Packs)

DVG's Warfighter Expansion Packs Wave #3 has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. You may pledge for a single pack (without getting stretch goals) or select three, five, seven, ten, twelve or all fourteen packs - with the price per pack eventually going down from $18 to $11,43. Be warned that you cannot change your pledge level in the Pledge Manager. You will be able to add extra packs and any in stock DVG items there.

The campaign has already been funded so the first stretch goal cards are unlocked.

Our preview post below was published on March 20.


Publisher DVG returns to Kickstarter for their third wave of Warfighter Battle Packs. Warfighter is a 1-6 player cooperative card game with squad level combat missions in several historic and modern settings. The campaign will launch on March 23.

The following expanions will be available and can be chosen for your pledge, probably in multiples of three (mix-and-match).

For Warfighter Tactical Special Forces ("Modern"):

For Warfighter WWII:

  • Expansion #59 – Dagon: this is a "Z" expansion, not historical but horror

  • Expansion #60 – Attu #1: USA soldiers defending

  • Expansion #61 – Attu #2: Japanese soldiers invading

  • Expansion #62 – Battle of Saint-Lô: a key battle following the invasion at Normandy

  • Expansion #63 – Pegasus Bridge: capture of the the Bénouville Bridge on D-Day

For Warfighter WWII Pacific:

  • Expansion #64 – Force 136: the British Special Operations Executive join the Malayan resistance

  • Expansion #65 – Guadalcanal #1: fight as the USA soldiers

  • Expansion #66 – Guadalcanal #2: fight as the Japanese soldiers

For Warfighter Shadow War - Modern Night Combat:

For Warfighter Private Military Contractor:

  • Expansion #64 – Squad Mercs: adds 8 above average Squad soldiers

For your convenience, we've added a FAQ to the Lounge.

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