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Kickstarter Radar 2020

Out of the 60plus solo and soloable games scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in 2020, there are a few that drew my attention. I never back competitive games with solo variants, so you won't find any of those in this post. Since we don't have enough information at our disposal, the choices below are not exactly preferences: each of these projects has something that piqued my curiosity, so I worked my way from there.

The Whatnot Cabinet by Pencil First Games (1-4 players)

Cabinets of curiosities have always impressed me, so the theme immediately caught my attention. However, this is not about a collection of extravagant rarities. Rather, it is about gathering things you find on the beach and in the woods (leaves, clover, and coloured glass 'crystals'- if the box cover is an indication). A poor man's Wunderkammer, let's say. This is a set collection game, and a beat-your-own score most likely. I did enjoy Herbaceous by the same designer team, so I'll check this one out in case it works as pleasant filler.

Veilwraith by Hall or Nothing Productions (1 player)

I may have skipped Gloom and Shadows of Kilforth but I'm eager to take a look at this game because it is a deck builder. Unfortunately Tristan hasn't released enough information yet, so we only have the cover image at our disposal, along with some fantasy fluff that sounds vaguely intriguing...

Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor by Nemesis Games (1-4 players)

This is an unusual-looking cooperative fantasy wargame. You basically have to build and sustain an army, and lead it against two different enemies. The enemies also fight against each other but their conflict may not be to your benefit: the winner gains victory points and moves up the point track. And you don't want any of them getting more points than you. The designer has put out a nice tutorial video but I would like to see more of the gameplay in action. The board looks too crowded in the pictures: does this mean the game is fiddly? We'll see.

Agemonia by Lautapelit (1-4 players)

This game is so far shrouded in mystery. There is an obscure video trailer, some pictures, and a general description. It is a story-based adventure game in a sci-fi setting 'with challenging moral choices': you have the option of playing as a hero or a villain. I am curious to find out more.

Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices by Axis Mundi (1-4 players)

The setting is the main draw for me here: fictional medieval Japan. If the storyline in Sankokushin is too melodramatic, I will likely skip (judging by the company's previous game, So Long, My World). By the way, I noticed this in the game's description: 'During battles, speak with your enemies and even understand them at a deeper level'. Hahaha, what? Let's put our swords down, Miyazaki, and tell me: did your mom not give you enough hugs? Anyway... Both artwork and minis look great though.

ISS Vanguard by Awaken Realms (1-4 players)

Awaken Realms+space exploration+co-op=Instaback. Okay, let's wait and see the details but this seems to be a certain success. You visit planets, collect resources and study alien technology, and occasionally fight aliens too. Each of your crew members has special skills and interests. This is my most anticipated game of the year, I hope it will be as exciting as it looks.

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