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Zombie-infested mansion

Resident Evil: The Board Game is the prequel to the Resident Evil 2 and 3 board games by Steamforged Games. It is a 1-4 player cooperative adventure game set in the popular zombie-themed video game universe. The Kickstarter campaign will launch on October 26.

Image source: Steamforged Games website

The game consists of a 27 hour-long campaign but you can also play one-off missions if you're short on time. Each turn is split into three phases: Action, Reaction, and Tension. In the Action phase, your character can move, attack, interact with items, explore rooms, open/close doors, or evade enemies. You can only perform four of these actions, with the option to repeat any of them if you want (e.g. you may move 4 times). The Reaction phase is when the enemies respond. If your character is standing on the same tile as a zombie or on an adjacent tile connected by an open door, the zombie will attack if in range, or move towards you.

Sometimes the enemies react outside their Reaction phase, and attack during your own Action phase. If, for example, you move in the same space as a zombie, you have to do an evade roll to make sure you can pass through safely. In the Tension phase, you draw and resolve a card from the Tension deck which also works as a timer. If the deck runs out before you complete the scenario, the game is lost. You also lose if any of the characters dies. If you come across an NPC while you explore the mansion, you may rescue them and use them as an ally. You may even play a mission (a side-quest, that is) as this new character if you wish.

Image source: Steamforged Games website

The game also includes a set of 4 cards, each showing a crest against a different coloured background, used in puzzles that you will have to solve over the course of the adventure. They may represent switches that you will have to activate or objects that you need to find. If you make a mistake, the cards get shuffled and you will have to try all over again.

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Oct 26, 2021
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