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You Watch My Back and I’ll Watch Yours: Week July 9 to 15

Scratch that. Athena landed her promotion at work and immediately left for vacation. And now I’m stuck here without a note or whatever to suggest what’s launching next week. Sweet. Guess I’ll just make some stuff up.


Hamlet: By The Lake is an expansion to the Danish king-killing game that adds lake tiles. Here’s a picture.

Hamlet: lake tiles
Image source: BGG

In this tile-laying game you build a village, while travelling around on a donkey Mother-Mary-style. I did not make this up. It is launching on Kickstarter on July 11.

Personal opinion: To back or not to back… I suppose as with all expansions it comes down to how much you like the base game and then, how much you think it still lacks something these tiles will solve. Personally I skipped Hamlet as I sometimes have nightmares where Turczi solo modes come to haunt me in my sleep urging me to go on a killing spree. But there’s method in his madness, so if you like your AIs crunchy, by all means play the thing.


Stonespine Architects is based on the misconception that Minotaurs are some kind of miners, constructing underground passages. Where of course in real life they build towers.

The game has the players simultaneously drafting and playing cards, which shouldn’t be too hard to do solo after some practice. You will build a 4x4 card dungeon, so it will be a bit like mini-Earth I guess, just like Ulus is a mini-World. It will launch on Kickstarter on July 11.

Stonespine Architects: cards
Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I managed to stay away from this designer’s previous game Cartographers but I understand that one's good fun. So I might check this out. Or I’ll wait for Zerbique to buy it and play it with him.


Luddite is a roll and write graphic novel, where you roll a die then ink the panels as they couldn’t be arsed. You play as a laid-off engineer, part of the new “useless class”, planning revenge on the AIs that took over your job. The story is rated 16+ which I had to look up, but expect harsh language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse and nudity.

The novel supplies an infinitely replayable campaign that you can tackle solo or multiplayer, cooperatively or competitively, as deciding what kind of game they wanted to make was also too much trouble. You can get a cool blinged out version or a cheap Print & Play on Kickstarter on July 11.

Luddite: player sheet
Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: Great theme, and I like graphic novels, but I haven’t found a roll and write I enjoy playing yet. I may get the P&P though.


The Sword & Sorcery expansion Abysmal Legends brings the Ancient Chronicles and Immortal Souls campaigns to an end by letting the heroes sail towards Cthulhu. Such imagination.

Abyssal Legends box
Image source: Ares Games website

This expansion to the epic fantasy game for which the noun “fiddliness” was invented will launch on Kickstarter on July 11.

Personal opinion: I’m stunned by the creativity and wish them bon voyage.


Serengeti Sanctuary is a light game in which you try to expand your African wildlife reserve, so that rich foreigners can come over to shoot the big five and your employees will be able to do some poaching on the side.

In the game you’ll draft cards depicting wild animals to build sets, then try to reach 50 points in three rounds. You can already find a page on Gamefound, where it will launch on July 15.

Serengeti Sanctuary: box and components
Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: Nature conservation is the new Cthulhu, and personally I’ve reached my saturation level. That said, if you don’t have any of those kind of games in your collection yet, this might be a nice first step on the road paved with good intentions.

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