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We are all fools in love

It's a good month if you've got an #Obsession with costume drama courtship. Handsome new contender A Universal Truth will be on Kickstarter on 17 September.

A Universal Trutch (box cover)
Image source: BGG game page (box cover)

In A Universal Truth you set out finding the perfect match for your protagonist, using multi-purpose cards that you get from a rondel market using dice rolls. You'll need to socialize, bring money and show your accomplishments to win affection. All this is done by adding cards to your tableau.

For the solo game you'll use a stack of timer cards. Most cards you add to the tableau will cost you time, rerolling to be able to take more cards also takes away time. A dice driven opponent will take away cards from the rondel market each time as well. So it's a puzzly race against the clock to marriage.

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