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Dawn of Madness is live ('We are actively trying to scare you')

Update: Dawn of Madness is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 28 days. You can choose to back either the standees or the minis version. If you go for the minis on the first day, you get the Watchers expansion for free.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on October 25.


...says Byron Leavitt, a member of the team behind Dawn of Madness: a 1-4 player cooperative survival horror board game set in the same universe as Diemension Games' previous product, Deep Madness.

In Dawn of Madness, you play as one of the characters (nurse, detective, priest, farmer) who are trapped inside a supernatural nightmarish world. While trying to escape, you collect memory and coda cards, get to upgrade your skills, and have various encounters. Memory cards reveal fragments from the characters' own real lives which doesn't mean they are less scary. The character who manages to collect the most story points at the end will also define who the final boss will be, as well as how difficult the fight is going to be. The game thus offers multiple possible endings, as well as various story paths depending on the choices you make throughout your session.

The gameplay involves some resource management (cubes that correspond to your abilities) and dice rolling.

Dawn of Madness launches on Kickstarter on October 29, and will be offered in two versions: a cheaper one with standees, and another with minis. You may check the campaign preview.

Update October 29: Launch postponed to November 19.

Image source: BGG

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