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Not on Our Watch

Yesterday was just the first full day of crowdfunding this week, and already we are running ten games behind. Here’s what launched on Tuesday, apart from what we told you in the latest Watch Your Back post.

Image source: Kickstarter

First up: Keystone: North America Second Edition (1-2 players) + Coastal Expansion. Play cards with animal or plant species by matching habitat icons and increase your score by making specific patterns. The included Field Journal adds a narrative puzzle campaign for solo play.


The second edition is streamlined for 1-2 players, and there's also a new expansion (though you need a compatibility pack to use it with the first edition). It has launched on Kickstarter and will be available for 27 more days.

La Fleur
Image source: Kickstarter

In La Fleur (1-4 players), from the designers of Botany, you make a Rococo garden for your château in 18th century France, and try to attract visitors to score points. For solo you play against one of the other characters, giving them cards and having them score points during their turn. There is a series of solo challenges included in the rulebook.

It’s live on Kickstarter for 29 more days, and you can also add expansions and metal coins to your pledge

Neon Reign
Image source: Kickstarter

Now wroth have we got here? When Manny Trembley isn’t designing games for Chip Theory Games (Wroth), he does so for his own company Neon Knight Games, that was acquired by Chip Theory Games just before it even published their first game. Here it is: Neon Reign (1-2 players), an arcade-style dueling game with solo play against a bot, that defends and attacks, just like a player would.

Pick a hero, use your joystick and buttons, gain stars to activate special powers and make funny noises while you’re at it. Neon Reign is on Kickstarter for 13 more days.

The Adverntures of Conan
Image source: Gamefound

The Adventures of Conan! Here we have a exploration dice game with art taken from the Dark Horse Comics. Read all about it in our announcement post: On Track to Be a King.


You’ll find it on Gamefound for 15 more days. The Legend of Cimmeria Solo Expansion is needed for solo play.

AI 100% Human
Image source: Kickstarter

AI 100% Human is a drafting and tableau building game, where you score points for objectives when placing your cards in the right spots. I got very confused when reading the rulebook, so remind me to never try to build an AI.

Anyway, it’s on Kickstarter for 23 more days. Please watch one of the videos on the page, I'm sure it will all make sense then. I may do so myself and get back to you.

The Upgrades
Image source: BGG

Just for USA citizens there’s The Upgrades, an expansion for 18-card game The Market. Gather and trade resources, gain Hope and make a better tomorrow. You can find it on Kickstarter for 15 more days.

Next up: three print and play games.

Mich in the Downgeon is a flip and write dungeon crawler where you’ll try to grab as many golden fish as you can. On Kickstarter for 27 more days.


In Roll A Coaster Park (1-99 players) you build rides and stalls and attract visitors  to your park. Roll two dice, pick one to determine the type of action, while the other then will determine the effectiveness. There are several maps available and the expansions come with solo objectives. On Kickstarter for 20 more days.


Or maybe you don’t care about stalls and visitors and just want to design a wild ride. In that case we have Roller Coaster Revolution. On Kickstarter for 18 more days.

Tortuga 1667
Image source: Kickstarter

Almost forgot! The Dark Cities social deduction games are back with deluxe boxes, upgraded components, mini expansions and rules to play solo (in most). On Kickstarter for 22 more days.



Personal opinion: This is all too much, please stop!

I’ll check out Neon Reign, as I love to make funny noises. But I’ll have to watch a video to see if dueling the bot would be fun.

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May 01

I didn't even bother looking at the Neon Reign page because I'm not a fan of Manny Tremblay, but I somehow collect this type of games (One-Hit Heroes, Pocket Paragons, Combo Fighter, RWBY, Fatal Knockout...), so I guess backing this one is fairly natural.

May 01
Replying to

I think the art style is fine, fairly distinctive, and fitted for the theme, but I don't feel particularly attracted to it either.

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