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Watch your Back: Week January 9 to 15 - part 2

Continuing with our overview of games launching on January 11 (here is Part 1 in case you missed it):

Puzzle Strike 2 is a 1-4 player deck building game in which you manipulate and 'crash' different coloured gems. You want to have enough gems to increase your power but if you get too greedy, you may be punished.

There is a central market of cards that you buy from each turn, and the colours of the cards in the market also determine the colours of the gems that are going to drop. Players send gems to their opponents, and whoever has the 'scepter of power' can send gems to everyone at once. How does the solo mode work? I guess we'll find out when it launches on Tuesday.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I never was into the Candy Crush-style app games, so this one leaves me (stone) cold. It seems to be best with multiple players anyway. I do like the sparkly gems though.


Viscounts of the West Kingdom is going to receive two new expansions: Gates of Gold and Keeper of Keys. In Gates of Gold, outsiders come to the city gates and you decide whether you will let them join your cause or refuse them the entry. Keeper of Keys comes with chest tiles that you add underneath the people you have in your court to gain extra benefits.

During the Kickstarter campaign you will be able to order a Collector's box for Viscounts as well as any other game in the West Kingdom series.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: none, as I haven't played the base game. Here is a list of designer Shem Phillips' favourite games to check how compatible your taste is with his.

Image source: Garphill Games Facebook


Competitive area control game Rise of the Necromancers returns to Kickstarter with a reprint of the base game and the Dawn & Demons expansion, and the release of the Undead Sea expansion. The Dawn & Demons expansion makes the game soloable and lets you summon demons to assist you in fulfilling your evil plans.

Image source: Mythic Games Facebook

The game will launch on Gamefound, this time in collaboration with Mythic Games, and will include a new miniature pack for the necromancers.

Personal opinion: The theme is right up my alley but the reviews for the D&D expansion have so far been lukewarm. So I guess I'll abstain.


The Paradox Initiative had been announced for January 11, but Elf Creek Games hasn't posted a single word about it lately so it seems it will be delayed.

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