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Watch your Back: June 13 to 18, 2022

Hello again, I apologize for my absence in the past couple of weeks but things have been pretty rough lately what with a new job I detest and a general feeling of dissatisfaction. In any case, life and crowdfunding goes on, so let's see what's launching.


First, we have the 1-4 player route building game Globetrotting. Your goal is to plan three big trips around the world while staying within your budget. The game is by the designers of Canvas, and features big plastic globes that you can write on with a marker.

In the multiplayer mode, each player selects a destination and adds it to one of their trips. The further you go, the more expensive it will be. The winner is the player who scores the most travel goals. Solo rules haven't been revealed yet. It is launching on Kickstarter on June 14.

Image source: screenshot from Road to Infamy Games Facebook

Personal opinion: I would enjoy playing with the globes in a multiplayer setting but not solo.


Bretwalda may be the most beautiful game of the year. The reproduction of the Medieval aesthetic in the components is superb. That said, this is a 1-4 player area control and negotiation game which, to me, it pretty much means the solo mode is shoehorned. You are playing as one of the four kingdoms of Britain vying for supremacy. It will launch on Gamefound on June 15.

Image source: Phalanx Games Facebook

Personal opinion: A pity that such a visual masterpiece isn't too well-suited for solo, although I'm sure an effort will be made for the AI to replicate the multiplayer experience.


After a failed first try, The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is relaunching on Gamefound on June 15. This is a 1-5 player cooperative game inspired by the Umbrella Academy comic book series. You are playing as one of the heroes who are teaming up together to save the world, and the gameplay is mostly card-driven.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I'm not familiar with the Umbrella Academy comics, so the references will be lost on me. It looks more like fan service anyway.


Bot Factory is Vital Lacerda's latest design (co-design, to be exact), and it is based off of Kanban, his car factory game. Worker placement and contract fulfillment are the main mechanisms, and you'll have Sandra the factory manager once again breathing down your neck. It is launching on Kickstarter on June 16.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: This one promises to be a little lighter than Kanban but the theme doesn't do it for me.


And lastly, we have Septima: a 1-4 player action selection game by Mindclash Games, and, as they say, the company's lightest game so far. You are playing as the leader of a coven of witches, trying to practice the craft in secrecy while also competing with others to become the next Septima.

You will brew potions, heal people, and perform rites in the quest for VPs. The solo mode has been designed by the solo wizard, David Turczi. It is launching on Kickstarter on June 16.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I'm a sucker for 'occult' themes, so I'll take a very close look on this one. Looking forward to checking out the solo play.

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