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Wacky Widgets

Dragon Phoenix Games is run by Harvey and Carlie Cornell, also known as the couple who designs co-op variants for competitive games (Games for Friends and Lovers). This time, they are launching Wacky Widgets, a 1-4 player cooperative/competitive game about building contraptions inside a cave.

You have a team of gnomes to help you build different types of machines (Doohickeys, Whatsits, Thingamajigs, and Combobulations), until you reach the desired amount of points, and make the Gnome King happy. In the cooperative version, annoying gremlins have entered the cave and are messing with your machinery. You have to hire gremlin hunters to kick them out, but take care not to waste much time chasing instead of doing your job.

The Kickstarter for the game launches on September 24.

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Image source: BGG

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