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Terraforming Mars Big Box is live (Vacuforming Mars)

Update: Terraforming Mars Big Box has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 16 days. The pledge options are: 1) A 'small' box that includes the 3D tiles, the new cards and unlocked milestones. 2) The Big Box that offers a storage solution for all previously released TM content, plus tiles and cards. 3) The Terraforming Mars base game and the Big Box. 4) All the expansions for TM and the Big Box. 5) All-in: Terraforming Mars, expansions and Big Box.

A mini rover (first player marker), dual-layered player boards, plastic domes, mini spaceships, metal cubes and sleeves are offered as add-ons.

Our preview post below was published on June 10.


Terraforming Mars, the #3 game in the People's Choice Top 200 Solo Games for the last few years, is going to get a Big Box expansion with 3D tiles. It will launch on Kickstarter on June 16, along with a new 20-card promo pack and some never-before-released add-ons. The new box will be almost twice as high as it is now, and have vacuformed plastic trays to hold the almost 90 3D tiles and all previously released cards and boards, from both base game and expansions.

Terraforming Mars big box
Image source: Fryxgames newsletter

The 3D tiles are designed by Daniel Fryxelius, so a consistent look and feel with the rest of the game is guaranteed. Forest tiles will come in six designs, City tiles in five, Ocean tiles probably in one. We'll find out.

All fourteen special tiles will have a unique design, three of those special tiles are new additions to the game (they'll come with modified cards that let you place those tiles). Terraforming Mars: Big Box will come with card dividers and 3D game markers as well.

New cards and tiles
Image source: FryxGames newsletter and BGG

The 20-card promo pack will include two brand new corporations: Pharmacy Union and AstroDrill. The cards - and some surprises - will be revealed one per day, just like in the previous campaign for the Turmoil expansion.

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