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Upcoming retail releases from Portal Games

Among the announcements of releases for 2020 by Portal Games during PortalCon yesterday was a new Cold War espionage-themed game called Vienna Connection. The game is inspired by Portal's Detective series of games but will have different rules and gameplay. The number of players is not known yet but we assume that, like Detective, it will be soloable.

In Vienna Connection, you will take on the role of a CIA agent investigating the murder of an American citizen in Vienna in 1977. You will have to employ informants, bribe, reveal codes, and outsmart rival spies.

Image source: Portal Games website

Detective will also get a new installment with a famous designer signature: Rob Daviau is the author behind Dig Deeper. The game is set in an American town in the 1970s where players will have to solve the mystery of the death of a local politician.

Image source: Portal Games website

For Imperial Settlers, Portal Games will release an expansion that introduces campaign play: Rise of the Empire will let you advance your empire from stage to stage, and will include 220 cards of 3 different types: Provinces, Goals & Achievements, Technologies & Discoveries.

Image source: Portal Games website

Finally, two expansions for Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North will come out this year: Roman Banners and Barbarian Hordes. The first includes two new Roman decks and extra island cards, and the second adds two new barbarian clans: pirates and robbers.

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