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Upcoming releases from Rock Manor Games

Mike Gnade of Rock Manor Games recently revealed his publishing plans for 2021 in an interview to Tabletop Gaming. These include:

- A roll 'n' write game set in the Set a Watch universe called Merchants of Magick. You are playing as a merchant with your own magickal items shop, competing with other merchants to make the most money. Adventurers will come into your shop and tell you what they want to buy. Cards that show merchandise (potions, shields, weapons) will be displayed conveyor belt-style, and you have to make sure you grab them in time. You roll 4 different types of dice which represent resources, and you will be using these resources to craft items.

- An expansion for Maximum Apocalypse called Wasted Wilds that will consist of two campaigns, one in extreme cold, the other in extreme heat. It will take place 10 years after the Apocalypse, when the real threat isn't anymore the zombies, the aliens and the other enemies that had invaded Earth in the past, but the human tribes that survived and the potential exposure to the harsh climate conditions.

Image source: Rock Manor Games website

- A naval combat game called Seas of Havoc with deck building and worker placement mechanics.

- The spiritual successor to Maximum Apocalypse called Stardriven: Saga. Like in MaxAp, you will be exploring tiles (planets) but the game will be more focused on exploration than on combat. It will be played as a campaign with branching paths, and gameplay will be dice-driven with characters gaining experience points along the way.

Image source: BGG
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Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Mar 30, 2021

That Divine Crossbow looks bad-ass. I think I like that diagonally opposite corners look. Can you recall that style in another game? That lower-right corner looks a bit brambly. 🙂

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