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Two new expansions for Clinic: Deluxe Edition are live

Clinic: Deluxe Edition is a 1-4 player resource management game in which you are building and managing a medical clinic. The Kickstarter campaign is for the release of the 2nd and the 3rd expansion to the game, as well as a campaign book. It will run for 26 days. You may pledge for one expansion, both, or go all-in and get everything released for the game so far. Note that the campaign book is not included if you only pledge for one expansion.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

The new expansions include: new 3D meeples, more than 80 new tiles (beds, scanners, coffeemaker, pediatrics hub, morgue, public toilets etc.), Event and Urban Design cards, and new types of patients (babies, burn victims, critical and unclassified patients).

The Campaign Book comes with 3 modes of play: normal, medium and expert. Normal mode is divided in 5 themes and will have you adding modules and meeples depending on the theme. Medium mode plays with one expansion per theme and multiple scenarios. Expert mode comes with 5 scenarios in which you adopt a specific role: doctor, nurse, surgeon etc., and play through a story as this character.

All the Clinic Deluxe games and the campaign book are soloable.

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