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Tread a familiar path (The Path of Adventurers is live)

A 1-4 player cooperative adventure game called The Path of Adventurers is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 14 days. You may choose to back either the minis or the cardboard tokens basic pledge.

The game features a group of epic fantasy characters of the kind we've seen a million times: a dwarf, an elf, a barbarian, a half-orc, a sorceress. They set out to explore regions which you reveal by flipping a deck of location cards. Monsters frequent the lands, and you roll your character's dice to defeat them, until you manage to take out the final Dark Lords.

You can equip your heroes, and upgrade them as the game progresses. The randomly generated locations and monsters ensure that the gaming experience will at least be different every time.

Image source: BGG

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