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Time is of the essence

Pendulum is a 1-5 player worker placement and simulataneous action selection game that uses time as a resource. Its release was announced today by Stonemaier Games, and it will be available for preorder from their website in early August (it will be shipped in August too).

Image source: Stonemaier Games website

Very little is currently known about the gameplay. You take on the role of a noble in a land called Dünya, and your goal is to succeed the Timeless King. To do so, you have to place workers and expand your territory in order to raise your Power, Popularity, Prestige, and Legendary Achievement.

Real time will be used to fuel actions, but you must also take into account the time you spend to think and plan your strategy. The game comes with sand timers, but these will not be used as workers (they will be regular meeples). It is noted in the description of the game that to win, you don't just have to act fast, but also act in the most effective way.

Image source: Stonemaier Games website

The solo mode has been developed by the Automa Factory. Designer diaries will be published by the company in the following days.

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