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The Shores of Tripoli is live

The 1-2 player card-driven wargame, The Shores of Tripoli, has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 39 days.

Image source: BGG

Our Preview post below was published on August 28.


Please allow me to consult Wikipedia and an article from The Player's Aid to provide the historical context of this game.

'Barbary Coast' is what Europeans called the coastal regions of North Africa inhabited by the Berber people from the 16th to the 19th century. And 'Barbary wars' were a series of conflicts fought between the United States, Sweden and the Barbary States (Tunis, Algiers, Tripoli, Morocco) at the beginning of the 19th century. The Swedes were already at war with the Tripolitans since 1800, and were later joined by the US.

In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson sent a “squadron of observation” to protect American merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea from the pirates of the Barbary states. As the squadron arrived in Gibraltar, the Americans learned that the Bashaw of Tripoli, Yusuf Qaramanli, had already declared war on the United States. The United States fleet proceeded to blockade the Barbary ports and harass the Tripolitan fleet. After four inconclusive years of war, worn down by the blockade and worried by the scheme to depose him, Yusuf Qaramanli agreed to a treaty favorable to the United States in 1805, thus ending the conflict.

This is more or less the backdrop to The Shores of Tripoli, a 2 player card-driven game that can also be played solo against a Tripolitan AI. It will hit Kickstarter on September 10. We expect to see more details on solo play when the campaign launches.

Update September 10: Kickstarter postponed for October 13.

Image source: The Player's Aid website

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