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Root: The Marauder expansion is live (The Marauders enter Root)

Update: Root: The Marauder expansion has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. You may back just this new expansion, or choose any of the other expansion bundles: Marauder, Riverfolk Hirelink pack, Landmarks pack and six more Hirelinks, or all these plus The Clockwork expansion 2.

Our preview post below was published on February 18.


The upcoming Kickstarter campaign on February 23 for Leder Games’ hit Root will offer the new Marauder Expansion as well as the second Clockwork expansion.

The latter will provide automa rules for the four factions of the two previous Root expansions, doubling the variety of factions that can be played against in solo mode: the Lizard Cult and the Riverfolk Company from the Riverfolk expansion, the Great Underground Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy from the Underground expansion. Note that the Clockwork expansion only comes with the boards and the rules, but you’ll still need the actual components from the two related expansions to use them.

Image source: Leder Games website

The Marauder Expansion brings in a new game system, the Hirelings: minor factions that mirror the original factions of the game and that can be interacted with by the players. This new module, however, is incompatible with the Clockwork bots and therefore cannot be used for solo play.

The main addition of the Marauder Expansion, however, lies in the two new factions it introduces: the Badgers and the Rat Warlord. As always with Leder Games designs, they are not set in stone and are subject to heavy changes before getting a final version. The two characteristics of the Badgers are that they are tough and cumbersome: they can only move one warrior per move action, but they take one extra hit to be defeated in battle. Their goal is to retrieve relics from all over the map and bring them back to their waystations.

Image source: Leder Games website

The Warlord is a counterpart to the Vagabond faction from the core game, as he also exploits items to perform actions. However, the Warlord is followed by a war band and spreads fire all over the map to remove enemy pieces. He scores points through oppression, that is, by controlling sites with no enemy pieces in them. By contrast to the Vagabond, the Warlord can be killed, but a new Warlord will then automatically rise from the ranks of the Rat war band.

Both of these factions can be used to play solo against the existing automated factions from the first Clockwork expansion, or against the Mechanical Marquise from the Riverfolk expansion.

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