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The lone sea-wolf

Searovers is a 1-4 player hand management and pick-up and deliver game set in the golden age of piracy. After an unsuccessful launch last year, it is coming back to Kickstarter on July 28.

Image source: BGG

In Searovers, you take on the role of a notorious pirate, sailing the seas with the aim to collect the most booty. In the solo mode, you must have six doubloons by the end of the tenth round, to win the game. You begin with a mix of Attack cards, Haven cards, a set amount of money and a vessel. Then, on your turn, you either draw one card from the main deck or purchase a card from the market. The available actions are: Assemble up to 3 vessels, Set sail and move the vessels, Attack a vessel, Complete the attack to gain booty, Return to your haven to secure the booty, Change haven, and Play Wild, History and Instant cards.

Image source: BGG

When playing solo, you may have to face attacks from Wild cards. In that case, you roll a number of dice equal to the strength of your vessel and also a number of dice equal to the value of the Wild card for the opponent, and the highest roll wins. There also optional advanced rules introducing weather, wind and hurricane effects that will affect the movement of the vessels.

If you win the game, the next time you play you may either try to collect the six doubloons in fewer rounds, or go for seven doubloons.

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