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The Little Flower Shop Dice Game is live

The Little Flower Shop: Dice Game is a 1-4 players dice rolling and drafting game in which you produce arrangements of flowers to put on display in your flower shop. The campaign for the game is currently live on Kickstarter and will end on September 27.

Image source: BGG

The goal of the game is to put together flowers in a vase to produce specific arrangements. These arrangements are put in a 2x3 grid that represents your shop. At the beginning of the game, you draw a Task card, with requirements for the rows and the columns of your shop (e.g. there must be exactly 10 flowers in total across the three arrangements of each row). To win the game, you must fulfill the task card for each of your rows and each of your columns. In the solo mode, there is no AI opponent the score of which you need to beat, however, there is a “dummy” player that may snatch cards before you do.

In each round, there are four arrangement tiles on display to draft from, and four salary cards, from $3 to $1. First, you roll all of your dice: the four flower dice, the vase die, and the initiative die. Your opponent rolls an Initiative die as well: if they get a lower Initiative number than yours, the lowest money card gets discarded, and one arrangement tile will get discarded as well (the leftmost if the result is odd, the rightmost if it is even). If they get a higher Initiative number, they pick the highest money card, but none of the tiles gets discarded. Then, you must lock one or two dice, putting them in your personal basket. You may choose not to lock any by paying $1 or to lock more than two by paying an additional $1 for each additional locked die. Then, you re-roll all unlocked dice, the opponent rolls their initiative die again as well, and you keep performing this step until all of your four flower dice and your vase die are locked in your basket.

Image source: BGG

Next, you earn your salary, picking the lowest salary card still available (there may be none if the opponent discarded all of them in the previous step), and draft an arrangement tile. The arrangement tile shows the requirement you must fulfill to complete it, in terms of flower types, numbers, and vase type. You must immediately place the tile on one of the empty spots of your shop. You can then spend dice to finish flower arrangements, provided they match the requirements. You may also purchase wild tokens, either by paying $3 or by discarding two dice which may be used to meet any missing requirement. You may also spend $5 to purchase a ribbon at the time you finish an arrangement. This will give you bonus points at the end of the game. Once you are done with spending dice and money, the round ends, and all arrangement tiles that have not been drafted are discarded.

At the end of the sixth round, the game ends. If you have fulfilled the tasks for each column and each row of your shop, you win the game, and immediately score 7 points. Each arrangement tile you completed grants you points according to the number shown on the tile, and each ribbon is worth one additional point at the end of the game. However, if any of your rows or columns does not meet the requirement, you lose the game (note that you can lose even before the end of the game since the arrangement tiles cannot be changed once put into your shop). If you find the game too hard or too easy, you can tweak the difficulty with various rule changes.

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