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The Age of Atlantis is live (The fury of Poseidon)

Update: The Age of Atlantis is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 33 days. There is only one pledge option for a copy of the game. According to the campaign page, a solo playthrough video will be posted in the coming days.

Our preview post below was published on June 13.


The Age of Atlantis is a 1-4 player civilization game in which noble houses of Atlantis vie for power. The solo mode, however, has a different goal: complete the game before every territory on the map floods. It is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter on June 16.

Image source: BGG

Each round in the game consists of 10 phases. First, you place a worker: if it is a peasant, they can only be placed in ring 1; if it is an Atlantean, they can be placed anywhere on the board. If you place the worker on the space where the statue of Poseidon is pointing at, that worker is blessed (you gain points). Then, the worker takes a free action: gather resources, construct a building, use the action of a building, research technology, attack or use the action of Myth (a defending machine). If you wish to take an additional action, you may lower the worker's morale and perform any one of the aforementioned actions.

Image source: BGG

In the next phase, you take your workers back on you Myth board, and adjust the morale status. If you have completed an Achievement, you mark it and proceed to the next Age. Workers rest, and their morale increases by one. Then, Military cards advance towards the inner ring. If any cards reach the center or are on a space with a building, Poseidon becomes furious and that territory floods. Buildings and Myths on that territory are returned to their owner. The round ends with a roll of the direction die that shifts the direction of Poseidon's statue, and the placement of new Age cards. After Age 3 the game ends, and score is calculated.

Besides the different win condition, solo rules have not been revealed yet.

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