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Mr. Java is live (The fun of being a boss)

Update: Mr. Java has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days. According to the draft rulebook, the solo mode involves a 'ghost player' (a rival company) who will be blocking some of the available actions. The actions of the AI will be determined via the roll of a die. There is a scoring table that shows you how well you did in the end.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on November 1.


Mr. Java is a 1-4 player resource management game scheduled to launch on Kickstarter on November 5.

Even though coffee features strongly in the artwork, Mr. Java is not the nickname of a plantations mogul in Indonesia. Rather, each player is the head of an IT company, and together with a team of co-workers they are trying to fulfill projects, satisfy clients, and acquire money and fame. In gameplay terms this is achieved by selecting actions such as: starting a project, training an employee, investing in the stock market, and delivering the project to a client.

Each company comes with its own special abilities, and the game can be played in either normal or advanced mode. At the end of the game, money, reputation, experience and bonuses all score the players points, and the best IT manager wins. How does the solo mode work? This we will find out when the campaign goes live.

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Image source: BGG

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