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The Big Pig Game is live

The Big Pig Game is a hand management game for 1-4 players, in which you play a bunch of critters attempting to raid the kitchen of their home before their human family comes back. The Kickstarter campaign launched on October 5 and will run until October 29.

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To start the game, you pick a character and a difficulty level. Each difficulty level is associated with four foods. The food cards show a 4x4 grid of tokens with a number on them. This number represents how hungry you must be to “munch” this specific piece of the food. Higher difficulty levels are associated with tokens of higher numbers. Different characters have different actions, different stats, and a special ability. The stats specify your hand size, how many items you can own, and your basic hunger level – how much food you can take in when you munch. The game also features a time track as the family car is nearing the house on its way back. The length of the track scales with the number of players, with the solo game being played with the longest one.

Image source: BGG

At the start of each round, you reveal a “Bad thing” card, an event that may affect you instantly or for the whole duration of the round. Next, you add two items to the counter within your item number limit. After that, you play four turns in a row. On each turn, you pick one of the four available actions on your board (these depend on your character), cover it with a donut token (so it cannot be taken anymore this round), and resolve it. It may allow you to pick an item card, play an action card from your hand, or attempt to “munch” one of the foods. When you munch, you add up the Hunger values from all relevant sources (your character stat, bonuses, items, possible action bonuses, etc.) and can eat as many food tokens as you can afford. For instance, with a hunger of 8, you can eat a 3 and a 5 food token. Additionally, these food tokens that you have eaten may be spent to boost your action cards. At the end of the turn, you draw or discard action cards to get back to your hand limit. When the round ends, the car moves one step forward.

You win the game when you have eaten all the foods in the kitchen, and lose if the family car gets back home before that!

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