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Roll Player Adventures is live (Take your Roll Player on an Adventure)

Update: Roll Player Adventures has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. There is one pledge tier for the base game, and another for Roll Player Adventures plus the Nefras's Judgement expansion. And if you are new to Roll Player, the all-in will get you everything released for the game so far.

Our preview post below was published on June 18.


Roll Player Adventures is a 1-4 player cooperative narrative adventure game set in the Roll Player universe. Roll Player Adventures allows you to either play with characters you have created in Roll Player, or use the new, pre-generated ones that come with the game. It will launch on Kickstarter on June 23.

Image source: Thunderworks Games Facebook page

Roll Player Adventures has 12 Storybooks, 6 different maps, a Tome of Encounters and a Skillbook. When you begin a campaign, you first read the appropriate entry in the Storybook, and consult the Tome when an encounter takes place. If you choose to bring characters from Roll Player into the game, there are conversion tables that help you define the new stats of these characters (e.g. the Reputation they gained in Roll Player will define how much health they have in Adventures).

In Roll Player Adventures, you are playing as a soldier in the King's Guard. Enemies are threatening the land of Nalos, and you have to make sure the Kingdom is protected. Each scenario in the Storybooks presents you with choices that open up narrative paths. When you enter a new location you will have to read what happens there. Over the course of the game, you will be required to perform skill checks, to see, for example, if the party succeeds in being stealthy. To do the skill check, you will roll your available dice and check if they match the encounter slots. You can add more dice to the pool by spending stamina. Dice results can be manipulated with the use of a hero's cards. If you don't manage to cover all the slots, the heroes fail and you read the appropriate entry to find out the consequences.

Image source: Thunderworks Games Facebook page

When you fight an enemy, you first apply any special abilities the enemy may have, and roll dice up to the party's combat dice limit. Again, stamina can be spent to add dice of the required colour to the pool and cards can help modify the results. If all enemy slots are covered, you win the fight. If not, you suffer the penalty shown underneath each of the uncovered slots and gain fatigue. Even in the case of defeat, heroes still reap the rewards given by the slots they managed to cover.

Image source: Thunderworks Games Facebook page

At the end of an Adventure, heroes can spend XP to gain upgrades, and spend gold in the Market to buy new cards.

During the Kickstarter campaign you will be able to also get the Nefras's Judgement expansion: a collection of 40 storylines that can be merged with the base game. Roll Player and its exapansions will be available to order in the Pledge Manager.

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