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Super Deluxe Yedo is live

Yedo Deluxe Master Set is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for just 11 days.

The game is getting the full deluxe treatment: compared to the original edition, the new one is getting a bigger box, better cards, screen-printed custom meeples, improved board, new tokens and player boards. You may also pledge for the uber-deluxe level to receive metal coins and sleeves.

The solo player can base their decision on the promise of a solo mode by David Turczi. The creators have said that it will not be a 'beat-your-own-score' but rather a 'full solo experience with scalable difficulties'. They will post more information in the following days.

Image source: Board & Dice Facebook page

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2 comentarios

09 sept 2019

Keep following this site, Arvid, and after a while I can see you posting a 'what have I done?' comment. The Kickstarter virus will eventually hit you. :D

Me gusta

The meeples look like a joke, but WOW! This would be soooo interesting to try. But it will not turn me on to Kickstarter... The only thing that could do that would be Netrunner solitaire with the original Netrunner TCG artwork or a solitaire retheme of Android set in the Mutant Chronicles universe... :) On a serious note: this look really promising.

Me gusta
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