Summer in the City

Let's have another lovin' spoonful of our favourite game Talisman. I'm going solo through all the expansions in a year. Earlier posts in this series are:

Hot town! Summer in The City. This expansion brings us six new characters, three alternative endings and the third side board that adds a whole city to the land, with shops, guild and a jail. Once you've collected some money, it's now much easier to spend it. Also, you can just visit any shop you're interested in, where in the base game you're dependent on the dice rolls for movement and the draw of the cards for availability of some shops. From now on the rich are less dependent on luck.

There are shops for the usual mounts, weapons and armour and some extra valuable stuff. Shops where it's easier to gain some XP for your trophies, shops where you can buy spells, shops where you can take a gamble. And you can buy potions:

and pets:

There are also "Wanted" posters, you can make money if you go on a bounty hunt. So to get to know everything this expansion has to offer, I decided to play the included ending Assassins' Guild where you can only win the game when you've fulfilled four of these "Wanted" contracts.

Set up with the three sideboards that we uncovered so far finally makes a satisfying adventure possible. Level up on the main board, go to the Highland to make some money, go to the City to spend it, go to the Dungeon to level up some more and go for the end game.

Today I am playing as the Cat Burglar, who has a chance of picking up or even stealing objects as her special ability. My opponent is the Bounty Hunter, I guess my behaviour did not go unnoticed, it looks like there's a price on my head. The Bounty Hunter is very strong (I'm not) and he wins his fights even if it normally would be a stand-off. I say, let's keep some distance.

I picked up a "Wanted: Spirit" leaflet and got moving. Looking for spirits. First stop was at the Lake of Visions, where I received a Warlock Quest. It said "Travel to the City", well that should not be too hard today 😀

The Bounty Hunter picked up a "Wanted: Cultist" leaflet and went after me anyway. He made a stop at the City Enchantress and bullied her into improving his craft. He still was dense enough to take on a Frost Drake in his next turn though and lose a life. I met a Talismonger who improved my strength and I bought a sword in the Village. Off to a good start! So where are those spirits?

The Bounty Hunter lost another fight but while he lay on the ground bleeding, he got into touch with the Grim Reaper and managed to send that cloaked skeleton my way. I had to roll dice with Death. 😨 Fortunately it ended in a stand-off.

A bit shaken I took my next steps, looking over my shoulder all the time, and I fell through a Trap Door to the Dungeon. No! Way too soon to end underground.