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#TBT One Die, a Million Ways to Die (Space Hulk: Death Angel)

Thursday! Once again we get thrown back to the years when this website did not yet exist so the notes I made from my gameplays back then can just be recycled. Today it's time for Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game, a brilliant design that you can only find on the second hand market these days, but it's worth looking for a copy.

Space Hulk: Death Angel

(My apologies for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with a prehistoric camera.)

Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game

That was exciting.

If you don't know this game: you've got six Space Marines that have to fight Genestealers (aliens) in four locations. The locations are unknown until you enter them, and setup varies every session. Also, every turn events happen and more Genestealers appear. You can use action cards for fighting, protection (support), moving and special actions. And you have to roll one red die. A lot. And it's out to get you.

  1. Void Lock Spent most of the time this session in the very first location. Managed to keep the Genestealers under control though and at the end every Marine had collected some support tokens as well. Which worked out very well, because the next location turned out to be the

  2. Teleportarium This room has a control center that can be activated to discard all cards from both "blip piles" (the card piles that spawn the Genestealers every round). When one of these piles is empty, you automatically travel to the next location. The cost for activating the control room: every Marine has to discard one support token, or roll a die that can get them killed. So first round everyone turned in a support token, and for good measure I also rolled the die - as I forget stuff faster than I can read at the moment - but fortunately no one died. On to the

  3. Hibernation Cluster And here the event cards turned against me. - First "They're everywhere" (spawn one Genestealer in front of every Marine that is not engaged) added a lot of aliens in play. - Followed by "Surrounded" (move all Genestealers, from all positions, to one Marine) From that moment on, there was this huge swarm of Genestealers that just killed off my Marines one by one. Don't ask me how, but against all odds some made it to the last room:

  4. Launch Control Room Here you can put a support token on the control panel in your turn, and then, in another round, you can win the game by a dice roll that's equal or less than the amount of tokens on the card.

Two rounds further, two tokens on the panel. One Marine left. And then I didn't have an "activate" card. And there was a swarm of seven or eight Genestealers behind my back. No!

What options did I have left? Just two cards in my hand. But the action card "Power Field" read: choose any swarm, Genestealers in the chosen swarm may not attack or be slain this round. The swarm would not attack. And another round would return the "Activate" card to my hand. Yes!

Last turn. Now I had to roll a two or less. Come on, come on, come on.

Happy to roll a 0

A zero on the red die!

This session was a roller coaster. I honestly would have had just as much fun if I had lost, but it feels so good when you win when everything seems hopeless.


They lied to us.

The transmission read: "44% chance of mission success". But Brother Omnio did the math on his BG Stats app and it clearly stated a win percentage of 8%.

We sent in a squad twice today. Things got very hairy when the first marines came out of the Void Lock. A well aimed flamer attack thinned out the Genestealers.

Flamer Attack

And that was the last we heard of the first team.

Space Hulk: Death Angel - Genestealer

The second team was better prepared now and made it all the way to the Launch Control Room. While Brother Leon was figuring out how the controls worked, the enemy flanked him.

Launch Control Room

Win percentage down to 7%. Surprise, surprise.



First expansion: Space Marine Pack 1

My second hand copy came with expansions, so let's check them out. First up is the Space Marine Pack.

Space Hulk: Death Angel - Space Marine Pack 1

Ten plays in with this expansion, ten losses. Still the same game then. Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong. I would not have liked these marines to be overpowered. But then again I don't think they add much. I'm not bored with the original marines yet.

Coolest loss was to this swarm:

Space Hulk: Death Angel - Genestealer swarm

Saved me some dice rolls.

I love Space Hulk: Death Angel, but I have trouble distinguishing the team colours (purple, blue, grey, another grey in this expansion). The new team cards that are also included in this expansion help somewhat because the marines are printed on them. Of course I could learn their names, but I'm lazy and they die anyway. But apart from that I’d say: an expansion for completionists only.


Second expansion: Mission Pack 1

Some new locations to die in! This Mission Pack looks like just the expansion this game needs (nope).

I kept sending in marines, and after 25 casualties, five managed to survive and actually pull it off. That's a 20% mission success rate with 83% squad casualties. Well, at least half the briefing was right.

Space Hulk: Death Angel rulebook

I pretend to get better at the tactical card play in this game, but I know I was exceptionally lucky when drawing the event cards. And the dice rolls were not too hard on me either. But hey: it's a win! Twice in a lifetime already. I feel so special.



Expansion 3: Tyranid Enemy Pack

After playing the expansions Space Marine Pack 1 (not that interesting to me) and Mission Pack 1 (okay), this feels more like a real expansion.

Space Hulk: Death Angel- Tyranid Enemy Pack

The Tyranid Enemy Pack adds new end locations, a new "boss" and a whole alternate Enemy Deck, where some Genestealers have extra actions. This expansion really adds some variation to the game.

Space Hulk: Death Angel - Rolled a 0

Still the same outcome of course. I ended with a classic "0" roll of the die just before reaching that new end location.


Fourth expansion: Deathwing Space Marine Pack

Fresh meat. They came, they never saw it coming, they lost.

Space Hulk: Death Angel - Deathwing Space Marine Pack

With the Tyranid Enemy Pack (new enemies to kill your marines in new locations) and this Deathwing Space Marine Pack (new space marines to sacrifice) you'll have as much variation in set up as you'll ever need.



Back to base

But I think this game is good enough without any expansions. Because great is good enough for me.

I lost. Can't put all the blame on the red die, even though I'm pretty sure it's loaded. I mean, it's like there's a "0" on three sides. But there were at least three times during the game that I thought how someone who would just take some time to think before picking their cards, would have had a decent chance at survival. I suffer from whatever's the opposite of analysis paralysis though.

Here's Brother Scipio's last stand against the Brood Lords. Hey, I rolled a 5 for the Genestealers at last! Too bad that was also a kill.

Brother Scipio's Last Stand



Final report

The good

Heroic Charge

The bad

They're Everywhere!

Ehm, yeah

Brood Lords

I needed just one more play of Space Hulk: Death Angel to get to increase my H-index. Sacrifices had to be made.

Space Hulk: Death Angel - another loss

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Apr 18

This game looks really cool, and I have owned it for... five years? Never played. It's time to change that, but I can't foresee this in a near future.

I'm jealous about the expansions though (you see, I so badly play my games that I really need the added variation)!

Apr 18
Replying to

😄 Trust me, you don't need them. The last two are good (they're by Brady Sadler), but I always play the base game.

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