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SSO: The Rage of Montalbano is live

SSO: The Rage of Montalbano, the latest expansion to the 1-6 player sci-fi survival horror game SSO, is live on Kickstarter. The campaign will run for 29 days and you can also get the base game, the other expansions, a playmat and - if you're quick - a knitted doll of one of the new crew members.

Image source: BGG game page

SSO tells the story of the S.S. Omega, a spaceship of which the crew is mysteriously missing. As a rescue team you will try to complete the mission of this spaceship, while finding out what disaster happened. The game is always played with 6 crew members, and when playing solo it feels more like handling six actions per turn than playing multihanded. You play through a challenge deck of cards, and hope to survive whatever killed the original crew.

The base game suffered somewhat from a hard-to-read rulebook and difficult to handle components. SSO: The Rage of Montalbano fixes these problems with a rewritten rulebook and deluxe replacement components. It also has a new challenge deck, bringing a new story like the other expansions, and comes in a box big enough to hold all content released so far (sleeved).

Image source: BGG game page

The game will ship from the UK after the Brexit dust has settled down. Shipping rates are unknown and may not be EU-friendly.

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Thanks for mentioning us, we're pretty excited by how the campaign is going so far. Rage of Montalbano has a strong Wrath of Khan feel to it, but along with the Temporal Anomaly deck that's in the Kickstarter that makes 5 challenge decks available now, so they're covering a lot of sci-fi survival/horror at this point.



I bought in, it kind of reminds me of that horror movie Event Horizon.

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